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The sales, marketing and operations program is intended for people currently working in or planning to work in sales, or those hoping to start their own business. The purpose of the program is to allow students to increase and improve their skills in sales, marketing, and operations. The program is taught in collaboration with Promennt and is funded by the Education and Training Service Centre (ETSC).


  • Computer and information technology
  • Entrepreneurship and business workshops
  • Producing promotional material
  • Online marketing
  • Market research
  • General marketing
  • Marketing and social media
  • Study diary and goal setting
  • Study skills
  • Speech and presentation
  • Communication
  • Sales technology and business relationships
  • Trade accounts
  • Spreadsheet planning
  • Project management
  • Key figures and liquidity
  • Developing a business plan - Final project
  • Negotiation techniques

Learning outcomes

The student shall show knowledge and understanding of:

  • Sales, marketing, and operations

The student shall show competence in:

  • Planning and developing sales, marketing and operational matters and tracking their progress.
  • Managing projects

The student must be able to apply the general knowledge and skills he/she has acquired to:

  • Run their own business
  • Work in the sales and marketing business
  • Establish a private limited company and create marketing, operations, and business plans for the company

Program Structure

The program is 288 hours long. 

The structure of the program differs, the most common structure is 3 times 4 hours a week. Spring semester 2021 classes will be 5 days pr. week monday thorough friday. Ofthen the program is taught twice a week and the timetable allows for teaching on Saturdays (flipped learning).

There are no exams, but an 80% attendance rate is required to graduate. We offer live distance learning which means that you can study with us wherever you are in the world. An emphasis is placed on flipped learning.

The course is a collaboration with our friends in Promennt for people registered at VMST. Click on the button below for more information and registration.

You can also contact our office, tel. 581 1900, email: framvegis@framvegis.is

Information and registration

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