Flokkur: Stök námskeið

 The purpose of Back to school is to build self-esteem by exploring abilities and strengths. Also to Develop critical thinking skills necessary to deal with new tasks.

Paritcipants will gain a more positive attitude toward school and lifelong learning and learn to set specific goals and examine way’s to achieve them.

The use of efficient study skills is central to the course, both to acquire them and use new knowledge and skills.


The objective of the course is to strengthen participants self-image and develop positive attitude towards learning.


  • Self awareness
  • Self- esteem
  • Empowerment
  • Social skills
    • Positive communication
    • Study skills
    • Goal settings


At the beginning of the course the emphasis is on self awereness, self confidence, hopes and expectations and possible obstacles that can hinder success. Participants will make plans, learn to set goals based on their own vision and are taught ways to achieve them.

Study programs that fall under the campaign „Nám er tækifæri“ will be introduced. Various study habits will be discussed and how self-knowledge and study skills can help individuals improve their learning habits. Effective communication will also be discussed and ways to develop positive attitute will be identified.

The course is 27 hours in length


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tel. 581 1900 or email  framvegis@framvegis.is

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